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Consent is Rad logo is written on a graphic that is a skateboard on its under-side.
Design by RT Signs Chinchilla, QLD

The Project’s Aim:

Consent is Rad is an internationally collaborative project focused on education and sharing the message about the importance of consent in your/our skate scenes.


What Do We Do:

We aim to share information about how to talk about consent and use awareness and education as part of the global effort by skaters to promote respect and cultures of consent, but also to document and share resources about relevant topics like helplines. We do this through our own posts but also by sharing resources and campaigns from others around the world in our Instagram Stories and Highlights, and on our website. We also do collaborations with various skateboarders and draw knowledge from people working in the area of gender inclusion, safety and respect and sexual violence prevention and research.

No Naming, No Shaming, No Blaming:

We have a no naming, shaming, or blaming policy. This is for the protection of survivors and victims’ privacy, and to also protect victims and volunteers from issues such as online aggression, defamation and to be mindful of legal matters that may be under investigation now and in the future. Harassment of our volunteers on their personal accounts and in person is not acceptable.

Please Seek Professional Support if Needed

We are not an investigative or rape crisis service or rape reporting site. We are unable and do not have the resources or expertise to adjudicate and investigate alleged cases. We also do not have the capacity and are not designed to deal with people who feel there are false allegations against them. This is not what we do. We do however understand consent can be a trauma related and sensitive topic. We encourage people to seek frontline support from qualified and trained professionals in areas such as sexual violence support and sexual assault counselling.  This includes follow up such as therapy and legal advice. Some links are on our website.

Thank you for your Support

We are just here to educate about consent and promote radness. Thank you to all our supporters and those learning and growing insights with us. We are an international collaboration of skateboarders from around the world. Take the message of Consent is Rad into your own scenes.


If you are a volunteer community group or non profit holding a skate competition or skate event we are happy to email you flyers and posters for free to print out and hand out at your event. You can also direct skateboarders to our resources page. Also this is a volunteer-run project, if you would like to help us grow our initiatives and are in a position to do so you can donate via PayPal (using our email below).


Where to Find Us:

Instagram @consent_is_rad 

Facebook @consentisrad

Twitter: @consentisradsb

Website: https://consentisrad.wordpress.com/

Email:  consentisrad [@] gmail.com


Key Team:

Dr Indigo Willing, Project Leader and Co-founder (She/Her)

Evie Ryder, Co-founder, (She/Her)

Tora Waldren, Co-founder (She/They)

Millie Miljevic, Co-founder (She/Her)

Lily Turek, Co-founder (They/Them)

Girls Skate Brisbane* (2019 team)

Pushing Boarders, Malmo, Sweden Launch Hosts

Dr Sander Holsgens

Dr Dani Abulhawa

Dr Chris Lawton

Dr Thom Callan-Riley

Collaborators, Supporters and Ambassadors:

Alphabetical order

Dr Adele Pavlidis (Spring Jam Event Collab)

Andy Duran (CIR Photo)

Annie Guglia (CIR Photo)

Andrew W. Johnstone (Art/CIR Photo)

Ashley Masters (CIR photo, Skate Like A Girl x Tactics collab)

Atita Veghese (CIR photo)

The Boarding School (Youth Outreach Collab)

Bing Lui (Director, Minding the Gap, CIR photo)

Dr Brian Glenney (skate academic advisor and CIR photos)

Chris Giamarino (skate academic advisor, CIR photo)

Chub Rollz (CIR Photos)

Consent for Breakfast (Bella B, Ask Collective, Ask Zine editor)

Daniel Vincent (Don’t Touch Collab)

Dr Dani Abulhawa (Pushing Boarders, CIR photo)

Doyenne Skateboards (Ask Collective)

DTVT Crew (Video Collab)

Emanuele Manu Barbier (Break the Cycle, CIR Photography)

Fast Times (Past event co-sponsor)

Gabriella Levy (Writer/ Documentary Maker)

Giulia Saporito (Design, Ask Collab)

Girls are Awesome (CIR photo)

Girls Shred (CIR photo)

Girl Skate India (CIR photo)

Giulia Saporito (ASK Collective, Zine and tee designer)

Goodpush Alliance (CIR photo)

Griffith Sport and Gender Equity Network (SAGE) Conveners

Hera Skate (Ask Collective, Art content for Zine)

Imke Leerink (Girls Shred, CIR photo)

Jack Carroll (Art)

Jaiden Lal (Don’t Touch Collab)

Jashka (Don’t Touch Collab)

Jenn Marshall and Andy Duran (co-founder, Chubrollz)

Kava Garcia Vasquez (Break the Cycle co-writer)

Kayla Cosgrove (Don’t Touch Collab)

Keire Johnson (Minding the Gap, pro-skater)

Kim Woozy (CIR photo, mentor, Skate Like a Girl collab)

Kirby Clark (Decks for Change)

Kristin Ebeling (CIR photo, Skate Like a Girl collabs, Project Facilitation, Resources Co-Developer)

Kraz (Don’t Touch Collab)

Prof. Kyle Beachy (Break the Cycle co-writer)

Las ChickAZ Skate Crew (CIR photo)

Lela G Leon (CIR photo)

Lucy Adams (CIR photo)

Luke O’Donnel (Bloom Skateboarding, Art)

Make it Safe to Skate Youth Leaders (Cielo, Jaiden, Asiya)

Marie Mayassi, Melanin Gals and Pals (Consent projects, zine space)

Natalie Krishnadas (CIR photo)

Neighbour Skate (CIR photo)

Ol Man Skateboard Riders (CIR photo, event sponsor)

Oliver Percovich (Skateistan, CIR photo)

Patrick Kigongo (The Black List, Mostly Skateboarding podcast, in-kind support)

Pansy Skate (Event Collab)

Peach Sorenson ‘Blond Mohawk’ (CIR photo, video)

Rhianon Bader (GoodPush Alliance, CIR photo)

Rick McCrank (CIR photo)

Riley Pemberton (Death to Discrimination, peer to peer support/event co-hosts)

Rollende Minas Skate (Consent is Rad theme video)

Ryan Lay (CIR photo)

Sarah Huston (Yeah Girl Skateboarding, in-kind support)

Shane Auckland ‘Sk8Rat’ (CIR photo)

Skate Like A Girl (CIR photo, collaborators)

Skate Like a Girl SF Bay (CIR photo, collaborators)

Shred Your Fears (CIR photo)

Professor Simone Fullagar (SAGE Network support)

Sneezing Confetti (Art)

Skateism (CIR photo, publishing support)

Smash the Skateriarchy (Consent projects, zine space)

Stockholm Skate Collective(CIR photo)

The Skate Witches (CIR photo)

We Skate QLD (Spring Jam and occasional co-hosts)

WKND Skateboards (Break the Cycle)

Women Skate the World (CIR photo)

Wyatt Cunningham (DVTV Crew filmer)

and others

Additional thanks to magazines who have published Break the Cycle collaborative campaign.

*Girls Skate Brisbane (GSB) later developed into We Skate QLD in 2020 and is now run as a separate project from Consent is Rad

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