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Consent is Rad is an international campaign that runs both independent and collaborative campaigns with various individuals, networks and organisations from around the world. The aim is to share the message of consent in the skateboarding community.

If you are a skate community group running a skate event or run a skate shop we can email you our free community info pack that includes a Consent is Rad poster, a zine-sized booklet and our Break the Cycle call to action as PDFs to print out. We make these available to everyone to raise awareness about the importance of consent. Stickers to support us can be purchased here.

We also do more formal collaborations with skate groups and organizations via a process of careful selection and briefing. Please send us an email to introduce your background and why you want to collaborate with us, whether you have any staff with training in trauma-care or sexual violence prevention areas or working with people from vulnerable and marginalized backgrounds and if you agree to our no naming, shaming or blaming approaches. We welcome potential collaborators to discuss your ideas and become familiar with our community guidelines. Note we try to work with a range of skateboarding groups but sometimes do not have the capacity to take on particular projects. Also, if people say they are formally collaborating with us but you are unsure always feel free to check in:

Check out some of our representative and recent collaborations below and remember to also follow us on Instagram @consent_is_rad


Skate Like A Girl – Code of Ethics (project launch in 2023)

More details later in the year

Melanin Gals and Pals x Smash the Skatetriarchy x Consent is Rad Collab

(from April 2023 – survey goes live 14th April) – visit here


Netherlands Collab: Rollende Minas Skate x Consent is Rad Video Project Collab

(From March 2022 – launching September 2022) – visit here

Yellow background, pink circle in middle. Text says "Blossom: Growing a health skate scene" Rollende Minas and Consent is Rad present skate video.
Rollende Minas Skate x Consent is Rad logos
Rollende Minas Skate x Consent is Rad

Over in the Netherlands Rollende Minas Skate put out a call for participants to film street skating and indoor skatepark clips for an educational video they are making on consent themes in collaboration with Consent is Rad. On the 16-17 April over 30 international skateboarders from Europe and numerous FLINTA* / LGBTIQA+ skate groups gathered in Amsterdam to film this call to action and stance against rape culture in skateboarding. the video, with Consent is Rad as a proud supporting partner, was released 14th September at live event, then a global online launch on Skateism the following day.

More info here

Doyenne Skateboards x Consent for Breakfast x Hera Skate x Consent is Rad


Launched April 2022 for Sexual Violence Prevention Awareness Month – visit here

Ask, don't assume, ask again

A collaborative zine and awareness campaign between Doyenne Skateboards, Consent for Breakfast and Hera Skate, and with partnering support from Consent is Rad – launched April 2022. Zine editor: Consent for Breakfast. Art work: supplied by Hera Skate. Design: Giulia Saporito

Read more here

USA Collab: Skate Like a Girl x Tactics x Consent is Rad Tee Collab

(March 2022) – visit here

Skater wearing a tee with consent is rad and skate like a girl on the sleeves
Skater @__organisedconfusion Photo: @photojoebrook

Skate Like a Girl x Tactics x Consent is Rad tee collaboration. With a gender neutral and comfortable design, long sleeved tees were launched on 8 March 2022 to raise funds for Skate Like a Girls empowering programs, and to build awareness about Consent is Rad. Tee supplies almost out of stock – only limited sizes left. Thank you for the support on sharing the message #consentisrad

Read more here

Pansy x KCDC Skateshop x Consent is Rad

Thank you so much for supporting our message – Visit here

NY USA a Guided discussion event by @pansyskate in collab with @consent_is_rad sharing the message #consentisrad Thursday March 10th 2022. @kcdcskateshop presents a @consent_is_rad discussion led by @pansyskate.

Read more here


USA Collab: Skate Like A Girl SF Bay x Make it Safe Event x Consent is Rad

(July 2021) – watch recap video here

Consent is Rad written on stencils on skateboards

Read about an event held in response to teenagers calling for an end to sexual harassment at their local skatepark in Fremont, San Francisco USA. More info here

USA Collab: DTVT Gals x Consent is Rad video

(June 2021)

Check out a great new video Wyatt Cunningham with the DTVT Crew promoting the message Consent is Rad here

Image is picture of skateboard with a Consent is Rad sticker

Worldwide Campaign: Skateistan’s The Good Push Alliance – Consent is Rad in Working Group

(May 2021)

Screen shot of yellow background and black text: Pushing Against Racism

Consent is Rad is proud to be one of the working group members of the Pushing Against Racism Campaign launched 25 May 2021:

A call to action in an open letter featured in various skate media and sites. The letter includes helpful ways to break the cycle of behaviours that let forms of rape culture in skateboarding go unchallenged – read here

Featured in Thrasher Magazine June Issue 2021 and Free Skate Magazine, Solo Magazine, The Skateboarders Companion, Slam Skateboarding Magazine, Grass Fires Mag and Skateism Magazine


  • Australian Collab: DON’T TOUCH CAMPAIGN, Launched 2020 – We are stoked that musician and video maker Kayla Cosgrove aka K-May has launched her ‘Don’t Touch’ campaign which includes a song and a series of 4 short videos, raising awareness about consent in collaboration with us at Consent is Rad. Read more here

Find out more about her song ‘Don’t Touch’ and 4 part video series that she filmed and edited featuring skaters, musicians, artists and researchers talking about what consent means to them.


Worldwide Campaign Launch of Consent is Rad at Pushing Boarders

(August 2019)

  • See Dr Sander Holsgens and Consent is Rad co-founder Dr Indigo Willing in the video here (2.45 mark) and more about the why the campaign started in an article in Skateism here Follow on Instagram @consent_is_rad
  • In this panel, a new generation of skate scholars discuss how a skater-led, inclusive, and critical approach to research can improve skateboarding and create better relationships between academia, skate charities and the skate industry. Panel: Dr. Adelina Ong (Independent Researcher), Luke Cianciotto (University of Chicago), Dr. Indigo Willing (Griffith University), Sophie Friedel (University of Innsbruck), Dr. Dani Abulhawa (Sheffield Hallam) Chairs: Dr. Sander Holsgens (Re-verb Skateboarding) & Stuart Maclure (Long Live Southbank)

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