Our international campaign features skateboarders photographed with signs, decks and artwork saying Consent is Rad. No naming, shaming or blaming – just a short but powerful message of education and support about the importance of sexual consent and healthy communication in our skate scenes. Here are just some of the photographs from our collaborators. More on our Instagram @consent_is_rad

Kiere Johnson and Bing Lui are holding skateboards saying 'consent is rad' on the decks while standing at a skate spot.
Kiere Johnson and Bing Lui from Minding the Gap, an Academy Award nominated documentary on skateboarding, domestic and family violence and taking steps forward to healing and change. Photo supplied 2019.
Woman, white, blonde hair holding up black skateboard with pink text saying consent is rad.
Imke from Girls Shred. Photo supplied. 2019.
Atita, from India, is dressed in black and indoors holding up a piece of paper saying Consent is Rad.
Atita Verghese from Girls Skate India. Photo from Pushing Boarders conference in Malmo, Sweden August 2019 by Indigo Willing.
Kim is dressed in skate clothes at an indoor venue holding up a sign with white background and orange text saying Consent is Rad.
Kim Woozy, founder of Mahfia, Squeezing the Juice Podcast and Skate Like A Girl SF Bay. Photo from Pushing Boarders in Malmo, Sweden 2019 by Indigo Willing.
Fred is doing a blunt on a quarter pipe with the text Cosent is rad on the bottom of his board.
Fredrik Kangner of Stockholm Skate Collective. Sweden. 2019. Photo by Robert Novo.
Rick McCrank is holding a white sign with black writing saying consent is rad. He is indoors against a plain
Professional skateboarder and ‘Abandoned’ and ‘Post Radical’ documentary maker Rick McCrank photographed at Pushing Boarders conference in Malmo, Sweden by Indigo Willing at the Consent is Rad launch in 2019.
Kristin Ebeling holding a skate deck saying in white writing Consent is Rad. She is indoors
Skate Witches co-founder, skate writer, Vent City podcaster and Skate Like a Girl’s Kristin Ebeling was one of our original and first collaborators. Photo supplied.
Ryan Lay
Professional skateboarder, Skate After School project, Vent City podcaster and skate writer Ryan Lay who we first met at Pushing Boarders in Malmo, Sweden. Photo supplied 2019.
Leyla G Leon
Skateboarder and psychologist Leyla G Leon from Peru. She is photographed at Pushing Boarders conference in Malmo, Sweden in August 2019. Photo supplied.
Niklas was at Pushing Boarders and is from the Stockholm Skate Collective busting out a trick for Consent is Rad. Photo supplied to us Sept 2019.
Peach is sitting on a bed blindfolded in lingerie with the
Model and sponsored skater Peach Sorenson, also known as Blonde Mohawk, filmed an amazing skate trick for her contribution. See our Instagram to see the video. Submitted September 2019.
Emanuel is holding a skateboard that says consent is rad outsdoors in a market square in Copenhagen.
Skate journalist Emanuel Barbier has interviewed the who’s who of skateboarding since we met at Pushing Boarders in Malmo. They are photographed here by Indigo Willing post conference in Copenhagen.
Kyle Beachy
Kyle Beachy is a professor, Vent City podcaster, a skateboarder and writer. Photo supplied September 2019.
Shane Auckland also known as @sk8rat is a videographer. Photo supplied August 2019.
Natalie Krishnadas from LasChicAZ skate group. Photo supplied August 2019.
Embroider of flowers and old fashioned, elegant text saying Consent is Rad.
Commissioned art for Consent is Rad by artist Sneezing Confetti.
Chris at Pushing Boarders. He is standing holding a skateboard saying Consent is Rad. He is indoors
Chris Giamarino is a skateboarder, PhD Student and presenter of research on skate spaces and architecture at Pushing Boarders.
A panel of skateboarder academics are sitting on a couch for a group photo. Indigo is holding a sign Consent is Rad. The split picture also shows the Brygerriat skatepark turned into conference venue filled with people sitting in chairs.
Consent is Rad was launched at the Pushing Boarders skate conference at Malmo in Sweden in August 2019.  Top – The University of Skate: Support Your Local Academic panel. Bottom – venue at Brygerriet Skate School. L to R. Sander, Stuart, Indigo, Sophie, Luke, Adelina and Dani. Photo by Lizzie Heath.
Tora, Evie and Indigo are under a marque at a skate event with the sign Girls Skate Brisbane and a Consent is Rad text.
Girls Skate Brisbane (now We Skate Bris) are one of the co-founding groups of Consent is Rad. Picture: Tora Cordelia, Dr Indigo Willing and Evie Ryder.
Evie is wearing a white skate helmet that says Consent is Rad.
Evie Ryder was one of the co-founders of Consent is Rad and at Girls Skate Brisbane (now We Skate QLD).
Indigo is holding a skate deck with pink flowers drawn on it and the text Consent is Rad. She is in the sunlight
Dr Indigo Willing is the project leader and co-founder of Consent is Rad and also a co-founder of Girls Skate Brisbane (now We Skate QLD). Photo from Skateism article 2019.
Millie is outdoor at a skatepark with a skate deck saying consent is rad in the sun. Her orange grip tape matches her
Millie Miljevic is one of the Co-Founders of Consent is Rad. She joined the We Skate QLD team in 2019.  Photo by Indigo Willing June 2020.
Consent is Rad stenciled on skateboards
Consent is Rad stencils on skateboards at a Skate Like A Girl SF Bay event
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