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See a range of education campaigns and articles below including about promoting consent in skateboarding and how to make change happen. Content warning – the below content features themes about about sexual harassment and sexual violence – please reach out to services if you need.


1800-RESPECT Rape crisis and survivor support Resources  


Rape Crisis Network International Resource 

United States of America:

RAINN Resources

Sexual Assault Support Initiative Booklet PDF

General Articles and Education about Consent

(Skate Related articles further down page) 

The 5Ds of Bystander Intervention: The 5Ds are different methods – Distract, Delegate, Document, Delay, and Direct – that you can use to support someone who’s being harassed, emphasize that harassment is not okay, and demonstrate to people in your life that they have the power to make their community safer. Via Right To Be website.

Creating Consent Culture: A Handbook for Educators This book shows educators and youth leaders how to teach consent to teens and tweens with fun, interactive and age appropriate exercises.

Consent is as Simple as Tea

Domestic violence resources from The Recovery Village

It’s Not Violent – What if this is Violent? An interactive, easy to use series of online ‘games style’ tests that give you options to see if various scenarios you react to are violent and coercive, from real life online texting (with multiple choice answers you can chose) to other scenarios from everyday life.

Teach Consent — A set of tools and videos for adults to show kids on how to work through what is consent in a general, non-explicit and child friendly way. Good guides for how to express.

The No More Team — An article about the dilemmas when a rapist is someone you know, some of the choices one can make, and reflections on rehabilitation.

BB: Dudes in Rape Culture – A man’s perspective on learning to think and talk about rape culture and learning with other men.

Why Hasn’t The Gay Community Had a #metoo Movement” — Feature article by Michael Segalov, news editor of Huck magazine.

The Myths Silencing LGBT Sexual Assault Victims

Here’s Why Consent in Gay Spaces is Really Important

LGBTQIA Safe Sex Guide

Futures Without Violence — A web page on how to be supportive if someone you know says they have been raped.

‘Defund the police’ movement could offer sexual assault survivors a different path for justice, experts say – article by Wilson Wong written in light of the Black Lives Movement protests and calls for alternatives to the current policing and criminal justice system. 2 August 2020.

A different path for confronting sexual assault – What is restorative justice? A practitioner explains how it works. Restorative justice brings those who have harmed, their victims, and affected families and communities into processes that repair the harm and rebuild relationships. The process replaces punitive approaches to wrongdoing in favor of collective healing and solutions. – 10 October, 2018.

QandA Television Episode on Consent – A group of experts from writing books on consent to mentoring young people talk about what consent means

Consent Lab – new site and workshops by young people exploring issues of consent they say their high schools did not teach them

RAINN Survivors Stories 

How do you deal with being ghosted? Psychology Writing article

Skateboarding Articles 

Note the below list is by no means an exhaustive selection. We have tried to gather solution or awareness focused articles. We recommend individuals do a Google search to read more and understand the seriousness of the issue in skateboarding. However, we cannot verify stories posted on the Internet. Any articles that are based on current or un-investigated cases in some countries can also risk having harsher consequences on victims and survivors (such as court cases thrown out or charges of defamation).  Also, a reminder to please reach out to rape crisis resources for advice and counselling on the list above or in your local area 

Creating the Ask Campaign: A Collaborative Project About Consent, Yeah Girl Media, – 30 June. A collective interview with Doyenne Skateboards, Consent for Breakfast, Hera Skate, and Consent is Rad by Sarah Huston, Downloaded 28 July 2022:

Doyenne is Getting Somewhere Slow – May 2022. An interview with Doyenne Skateboards about their outlook, social justice focus and a collaboration they’ve led between Doyenne Skateboards, Consent is Rad, Consent for Breakfast and Hera Skate.  The Ask Manifesto campaign includes a zine with art and articles about consent, plus three awareness shirts. 

Ask Zine in It’s Nice That – May 2022 – An interview with Giulia Saporito about creating the right design and mood to capture the themes and vision of a collaboration between Doyenne Skateboards, Consent is Rad, Consent for Breakfast and Hera Skate.  The Ask Manifesto campaign includes a zine with art and articles about consent, plus three awareness shirts. 

Time’s Up: No More Rape Culture in Skateboarding – Smash the Skatriarchy / Amelia Bjesse-Puffin. “… one-off zine from the Smash the Skatriarchy series, author Amelia Bjesse-Puffin lays out in very simple terms the ways that rape culture thrives on smaller transgressions and offers very blunt but perfectly correct advice about how to fight rape culture… A helpful guide for the skating community, but no less helpful to the public at large. Bjesse-Puffin encourages you to work with others to unlearn the ingrained misogyny and homophobia in our culture. A quick and powerful read, with artful illustrations and diagrams throughout.”

Rape Culture and Skateboarding: Together We Can Push to End Sexual Violence by Issy Hodkiss, Girls Skate UK, May 2021. “This responsibility is on everyone. Sadly, we live in a world where there are some men who will listen to what other men have to say about women before women themselves. There’s a reason ‘I have a boyfriend’ is a more effective creep deterrent than ‘I’m not interested.’ We need guys to be part of the dialogue with women and non-binary people so we can all work together to end rape culture in skateboarding.” May 2021.

Man Receives Support After Rape in Skatepark. East Anglia Times. We share this story in sadness but also to highlight men can be the victims of sexual violence too. March 2021. UK.

Dear Skateboarding – Carly. SF skate scene. “This essay is dedicated to everyone and anyone who has experienced sexual assault. I have been truly honored to have been put in contact with females who have related to me and people who feel comfortable sharing their stories with me. You will never know how much your honesty and strength means to me. That’s the one beautiful thing that has come from all of this for me — so many equisite people who have gone through the same thing and have continued to be remarkable.” September 2020

Rape Culture in Skateboarding Needs to End – Lily Longrigg. “Up until very recently, skateboarding has typically been considered a man’s sport. But with the rise of social media, the world has seen an influx of female, non-binary (NB) and gender non-conforming (GNC) skaters. The growing diversity within the community has brought the darker side of the skate scene to the surface but with that comes a glimmer of hope: we can now address these issues which have been ignored for so long. ” 2021 article.  Dose Skateboarding. 

Philadelphia Skateboarding Club Founder Rodney Watkins Arrested For Raping Minors As Young As 11, Officials Say. “PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — The founder of a Philadelphia skateboarding club is accused of preying on some of the boys he promised to help. Now police are trying to figure out if there are any other possible victims.” December 2020.

Skateboarding Needs to Listen – Anthony Pappalardo has added another blog post on Artist Industria on issues of consent in skating. More and more men are being vocal and visible about the importance of consent. And the importance of listening too. In this article he reflects the need to make spaces to listen to victims and survivors. He also interviews various individuals and groups including Consent is Rad, and also to the Manager of Slap Forum. 6 August 2020.

Skateboarding Shames Victims – Skate journalist Anthony Pappalardo has written a blog post on Artist Industria on issues of consent in skating in the wake of the removal of one of the team members in WKN Skateboards. 6 August 2020. 

Abuse in Skateboarding – article on industry and instances of domestic violence and exploring difficulties of bringing cases of alleged sexual violence in skateboarding into spaces of justice. Written by Zach Moldof, Stoke Much on Medium, 2020. 

Understanding the Neal Hendrix allegations and power dynamics in skateboarding. This article draws attention to the complexities and uneven balance of power between skaters and skate coaches and looks at the case of Julie Lynn Kindstrand Nelson. Written by Nic Dobija-Nootens for Jenkem Magazine. 2018, October 29.

How a sexual predator infiltrated Atlanta’s skate scene.  Investigative journalism piece about a man who ran a skate shop, team, built a skatepark who was a predator to male youth in his local skate scene by Andrew Murrell for Jenkem Magazine, 2019, November 5.

Coping with Creeps: Concrete Action You Can Take — An article by Kristin Ebeling and Alex White in Bigfoot Skate Mag on sexual abuse and harassment in the skate scene and how to be an ally to prevent it. Focused on men but has useful advice that can be practiced by all genders and sexualities. 18 September, 2019.

My Experiences in Skateboarding – Article by Linnea Bullion in Jenkem Magazine. Linnea talks about her experiences with sexual harassment  as a skateboarding photographer in the skate scene and ways that the culture needs to move forward. August, 2018

Perspectives with Lew Ross from Fickle Skateboards on Sexual Harassment in Skateboarding – Wise advice from older skater @happylittleskateboards interviewed. Skaters of all ages and scenes are speaking up against behaviors that can exclude and harm others in skating. This includes sexual harassment and abuse. January 2018.

Meet Cindy Whitehead: OG Badass Skater & Founder of Girl is Not a 4 Letter Word– a Skateboarding Hall of Fame legend, Cindy Whitehead talks about her life and also the ways the #Metoo movement is an issue in skateboarding. Originally in Medium,  3 December 2018.

No Consent = Sexual Abuse: Sexual Assault in the Skateboarding and Music Scene Zine.  by skateboarder and journalist Tessa Fox. A skate zine with contributions by women skateboarders from around the world who talk about acquaintance rape and sexual assault in the skateboarding and music scenes. Free to download and has a range of resources. Printed Fortitude Valley, QLD: Visible Ink. 2016.

Stories on Mark ‘Gator’ Rogowski

Content warning: sexual violence and murder

Gator, Mark Oblow and Apologies.

Article April 2022. “On Monday, April 11 The Nine Club released an interview with Mark Oblow…During Oblow’s episode there was plenty of skewed timelines, bold claims, and wonky statements made over the lengthy interview but the segment in which gave his version of the events that lead to the murder of Jessica Bergsten by former pro skater Mark Anthony“Gator” Rogowski in 1991 were so egregious, disgusting, and completely inaccurate that anyone familiar with the details of the event was appalled and offended.”

Skateboarding Legend Mark ‘Gator’ Rogowski Brutally Murdered His Ex-Girlfriend’s Friend for Revenge

Article January 2021. “Rogowski confessed to the murder and was sentenced to consecutive terms of six years for forcible rape and 25 years to life for first-degree murder.”

Ex-Pro Skateboarder goes up for Parole

Article March 2021. “The San Diego County District Attorney’s Office plans to argue that Rogowski “remains an unreasonable risk of danger to society” and should remain behind bars. One of Bergsten’s family members is also expected to attend the hearing and provide a statement to the parole board outlining the murder’s impacts on the family.”

Still Murdering, Slightly Less of a Scum Bag (*their title, not ours)

Article by Skate and Annoy tackles the problematic question of reissuing of Mark Gator’s pro-board. 2009. *Note Consent is Rad believes this board should not be sold as it continues the hero worship of skater who confessed and was charged and sentences for sexually assaulting and murdering someone. It is the last thing skateboarding needs and is extremely disrespectful to the Stenberg family. 

Skateboarding Articles by Consent is Rad 

Cyber-Harassment by Pro Skaters and Being An Ally – An interview with Damion Valencia by Dr Indigo Willing (Co-founder, Consent is Rad). “If I learned anything from the whole experience, it’s that there is strength in numbers. Once one person spoke up, it garnered more people to open up, and share their experiences…It was overwhelming, sad, and disturbing knowing it affected so many people, although it also seemed like a relief to a lot of people that these experiences were finally out in the open. The more support a person feels, the more inclined they are to feel comfortable talking about their experiences” – Valencia. August 2021.

Don’t Touch’: A Consent is Rad Collaboration with rapper K-May – interview by Consent is Rad with Kayla Cosgrove, one of our ambassadors and collaborators, who talks about her song ‘Don’t Touch’ and 4 part video series that she filmed and edited as part of a campaign by the same name. Done in collaboration with Consent is Rad, the series features skaters, musicians, artists and researchers talking about what consent means to them. Article by Dr Indigo Willing (Co-founder, Consent is Rad) published online in Quell Magazine, December 2020.

‘The Film Kids 25 Years On: A Qualitative Study of Rape Culture and Representations of Sexual Violence in Skateboarding’. Peer reviewed sociological research article by Dr Indigo Willing (Co-founder, Consent is Rad) for Young – Nordic Journal.  Link here (ask your library for PDF access or email Consent is Rad). 20 July, 2020.

Items by Others About Consent is Rad

We Need to Talk about Skateboarding – May 2022. Dr Sander Holsgens article about skateboarding in the Netherlands includes some of our collaborations. Article states: “Consent is Rad collaborates with a myriad of local skate communities across the globe. It features prominently in progressive skate initiatives in the Netherlands, too.”

Thrasher Community- September 2021 Consent is Rad was added to Thrasher Magazine website as a resource for the community. Link here

Who Would Not Think Consent is Rad? Interview by by Gino Fischer with Dr Indigo Willing for Solo Skate Magazine (Germany / English version available). here 12 October, 2021. 

Consent is Rad and Uma Video Episode, Interview by Templeton Elliot, Patrick Kigongo and Jason from Frozen in Carbonie who talk with Dr Indigo Willing about the 2nd anniversary of Consent is Rad for the Mostly Skateboarding Podcast, 15 August. Also available on Soundcloud here

Skateboarding, Consent and Inclusivity – Interview with Dr Indigo Willing (Co-founder, Consent is Rad) and Emily Kafoa (Girls Skate Gold Coast and Songline Skateboarding) by Priya Kunjan, Women on the Line Radio Program, 3 May 2021

Skating and Educating about Consent: The 1st Anniversary of Consent is Rad – the Yeah Girl Media platform shares news about our website launch to commemorate us reaching the one year mark following our launch in Malmo, Sweden at the Pushing Boarders Conference. 18 August 2020.

Focus on Links Between Violence and Sport: ‘It’s On All of Us’ – Christen Hill from Griffith University News talks to social scientist Dr Adele Pavlidis who held a webinar bringing perspectives from academics, activists and those working to prevent violence against women in sports communities together with professional athletes and organisations to drive change. The panel included Dr Indigo Willing, co-founder of Consent is Rad plus representatives from Our Watch, MATE Bystander and the Head of Government and Community Relations, National Rugby League Football (NRL). 17 August 2020.

Skateboarding Needs to Listen – Skate journalist Anthony Pappalardo in his blog Artist Industria reflects the need to make spaces to listen to victims and survivors, and talks to various people and groups in skateboarding including Dr Indigo Willing, co-founder of Consent is Rad. 6 August 2020.

‘Consent is Rad, Is Rad’ by Tobias Coughlin-Bogue in Skateism – Interview with one of the co-founding groups and members of Consent is Rad following the campaign’s debut at Pushing Boarders skateboarding conference in Malmo, Sweden.  4 October 2019.

Panel, Podcasts and Seminar Talks

The below are just some of the talks where consent is rad is discussed

May 2022
Journalist Nance Haxton interviewed Dr Indigo Willing and Dr Adele Pavlidis on The Gender Card podcast about a GERN seed funded project Red Flags, Banter and Blurred Lines: Exploring Consent in Sport also with Prof Molly Dragiewicz and fellow Dr Justine Hotten – Podcast Summary: We delve into the contested territory that overlaps consent and sport. Griffith University’s Dr Indigo Willing is leading the research project called Red Flags, Banter and Blurred Lines: Exploring Consent in Sport. She’s working alongside Dr Adele Pavlidis, going where many have feared to tread, asking male sports leaders about respectful relationships, violence against women and consent. With Dr Willing’s background as a skateboarding and masculinities expert, combined with Dr Pavlidis’s expertise as a roller derby and women in sports scholar, both sociologists hope to reveal why cultures of exclusion and harm persist in sport, despite many official programs especially designed to tackle the problem. And as they reveal in this interview, issues of power, masked by banter on the sporting field are a central aspect of this dilemma.


March 2022

Melbourne Design Week MPavillion (2022) ‘Kick, Push, Coast to a Better Future’, panel featuring Kirby Clark of Decks for Change, Nick Hayes from First Nations Skate Tour and Spinifex skate brand, sociologist Dr Indigo Willing from Consent is Rad/We Skate QLD and skatepark creator Wade Travean from EastbyWest and The Skate School. 26 March 2022. Melbourne. Podcast recording here –  Event overview here:

September 2021

The Goodpush Summit, Skateistan (2021) ‘Pushing Against Racism’ panel chaired by Denia Kopia, Skateism, with speakers from Impact Skate Club, Poseidon Skateboarding, Surf Ghana, Fro Skate, Apache Skateboards and Consent is Rad. 22nd September, 2021. /

Skate Like A Girl, (2021) Guest speaker Dr Indigo Willing, co-founder from Consent is Rad for ‘Virtual Hang Outs’ Q and A session, 22 February (as part of their covid-safe Virtual programing)

September 2020

September 2020. ‘Everything Sport, Gender and Sexualities’, talk as part of Gender and Sexualities in Sport: Theorising the State of Play. For Social Sciences Week. Dr Adele Pavlidis and Dr Indigo Willing. Filmed by Bevan Bache at Griffith University. Hosted by The Australian Sociological Association (TASA) Genders and Sexualities Thematic Group: Posted 7 September, 2020. Web: and YouTube Video

August 2020. Sport and Violence Prevention: making change through action, activism and researchConvened by Pavlidis, A.The Sport and Gender Equity Network, Griffith University, Australia. Panel Talk: From Rape Culture to Consent Culture – also on panel: Mate Bystander, Our Watch, National Rugby League and Government representatives. 18 August, 2020. YouTube video: 

September 2019

Consent is Rad – International Launch (YouTube at 4.45 mark) – As part of the University of Skate: Support Your Local Academic panel at the Pushing Boarders Skateboarding conference at Brygerriet Skate School, Malmo, Sweden in August 2019.

For transparency note the Consent is Rad website is run by volunteer efforts. This resource list was created by Dr Indigo Willing as part of the Consent is Rad website launch in 2020 and some of her ongoing research at the Griffith Centre for Social and Cultural Research at Griffith University. Additional support and resources are provided by skateboarders in the community and a number who are working in the area of sexual violence prevention.

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